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We recommend that you structure data where possible so it will be picked up, and interpreted correctly by search engines. Correct processing of non-existing pages? A properly constructed navigation structure was found on www. The women around Moses. Defilement of virgins in biblical law and the case of Dinah Genesis Misogyny and its discontents.

Hij maakt het wasvat met de "spiegels" der dienstdoende vrouwen Exodus Body parts as metaphor and the value of a cognitive approach: Women of Sodom and Gomorrah: Women in the wilderness: Sex, lies, and virginal rape: Cuerpos de mujeres y violencia: The choice to serve God and assist his people: The wife of Jeroboam, 1 Kings Regulating "sons" and "daughters" in the Torah and in Proverbs: Some reflections on violence against women and the image of the Hebrew God: Prophetinnen auf der Spur: Does the Old Testament refer to sacred prostitution and did it actually exist in ancient Israel?

Serving women and their mirrors: Rut als Figur des Lebens: Salomo und die Frauen. A midrashic lens on biblical women: Gravett, Sandra Lynne Sandie. Reading "rape" in the Hebrew Bible: The rhetoric of familiarity and contempt in Job 2: Women, fire and dangerous things in the Hebrew Bible: Les femmes dans la Bible.

Where the girls are: Hagar, mother of faith in the compassionate God. Mother and maiden, sister and spouse: Sarah in Philonic Midrash. Mille monete per Salomone: Written by men for men: Gender, class, and androcentric compliance in the rapes of enslaved women in the Hebrew Bible. Liebe und Tod im Ersten Alten Testament. The watcher at the window: Von Sarai zu Sarah: At home with the goddess.

Die biblische Vorstellungswelt und deren geschlechterpolitische Dimension: Prophetische Frauen am Zweiten Tempel? The Shulamite is not the Woman of Valor. La visione biblica del maschio e della femmina. Violence and the Old Testament. Menstrual impurity and innovation in Leviticus Sexual hospitality in the Hebrew Bible?. A secular, Jewish, feminist look at the Bible. Reading the silence of women in Genesis Observations on women in the genealogies of 1 Chronicles Family in the Wisdom literature.

Tochter Zion im Jeremiabuch: Can daughters be sons? The daughters of Zelophehad in patriarchal and imperial society. Journeying with Sarah in a chorus of voices. Everyday life in biblical Israel: Sex and violence in prophetic marriage metaphors. The semantics of taboo: Sarah and Hagar as female representations of identity and difference. The woman in childbirth of John Als das Leben anfing Stadtfrau Zion und Erzmutter Sarah: Feministische Anthropologie des Ersten Testaments: Nehama on women and womanhood.

African American women and the Bible. The female imagery in the Book of Hosea: Wide gaps, narrow escapes: I am known as Rahab, the broad.

Genesis matriarchs engage feminism. Is incest with a daughter permissible? The birth narrative as female counterpart to covenant. Die Sklavin als Ehefrau: Between tradition and modernity: Negotiating the frame for viewing the death of Jezebel. From household to house of Yahweh: Having their space and eating there too: Feminist hermeneutics and evangelical concerns: The valiant woman, "gini sineti", and the redaction of the Book of Proverbs.

A portrait of Rebecca: At the threshing floor: Letters to the editor of Genesis. Una rilettura del libro di Ruth alla luce del femminismo ebraico.

The woman mataphor of Ezekiel 16 and Reading abused female bodies in the Bible: Amsterdamse Cahiers voor Exegese van de Bijbel en zijn Tradities 19 Biblical woman, caught between father and husband. The household in ancient Israel and early Judaism. If Esther had not been that beautiful: Spoken words, voiced silence: Wisdom literature and ecofeminism. Horst, Pieter Willem van der. Het graf van de profetes Hulda in de joodse traditie.

Leung Lai, Barbara M.. Making sense of the biblical portrait: What really happened to Dinah: A feminist analysis of Genesis From Jezebel to Esther: Lovers and raisin cakes: Weisheit und Lebensart Israels in der Perserzeit. What if Judges had been written by a Philistine? Reflections on the suffering of Rayna Batya and the success of the daughters of Zelophehad.

Religious canon and literary identity. Into another scene of choices: Bekkum, Wout Jacques van. Eve and the Matriarchs: Women storytellers in ancient Israel.

Mothers, sons and heroic infertility: Is Gomer the woman in Hosea 3? Feminist study of the Old Testament. Ten things every feminist should know about the Song of Songs. The authority of Miriam: Does the law of Exodus The voice of the turtle: The souls that they made: Michal, the barren wife. Vom Prophetinnenwort zum Prophetenbuch: Jewish readings of Abigail and Bathsheba, both ancient and modern.

Frauenstimmen im Alten Testament. A holy of holies: Margins, methods, and metaphors: Wayward women and broken promises: Positioning the wife of Jeroboam 1 Kings The daughters of Tzlafchad: Die Gerechtigkeit der Sophia: To bear, to teach: The liberated woman of valor.

Maria, "Figlia di Sion": The silent women of Yehud: Unveiling Esther as a pragmatic radical rhetoric. One man, or all humanity? A question in the anthropology of Genesis 1. Dressed to be killed: Connected by marriage, adultery and violence: Society of Biblical Literature: Bibelarbeit zu Abigajil 1. The daughters of your people: To shame or not to shame: Esther politicised in a personal context: Is there a place for women in the theology of the Psalms? An investigation into the female imagery of the ancient Hebrew Psalter.

The strange face of wisdom in the New Testament: Reading strategies and the story of Ruth. Hiding behind the naked women in Lamentations: Women in the synagogue. Frau und Adam hebr.

Love of woman and love of God: Die Vorstellung von Zeugung und Schwangerschaft im antiken Israel. Cannibal mothers and me: Veuve sans enfants dans le royaume de Juda. On Exodus 21,10 "Onah" and biblical marriage. Confronting redundancy as middle manager and wife: Frauen des Alten Testaments.

Die Bibel in der deutschsprachigen Literatur des Narrative Analyse aus feministischer Sicht. Minimo vedemecum iconografico alla creazione della donna. Between ideology and tradition: Trebolle Barrera, Julio C.

The treatment of women in Deuteronomy: Gedanken zum Introitus des 4. Sonntags in der Fastenzeit. Rereading the body politic: Batmartha Petermann , Ina Johanne. Desolate Jerusalem and barren matriarch: Konnte eine Witwe die "nah a lah" ihres verstorbenen Mannes erben? Qoheleth the "old boy" and Qoheleth the "new man": Ruth, plaidoyer en faveur de la femme.

Men are from Judah, women are from Bethlehem: Das Buch der Richter: The way of women: Qoheleth, misogyny and the "Malleus Maleficarum". Virginity in the Bible. Zions Stimme in der Not. Forms of violence and the violence of forms: The seduction of Eve and feminist readings of the Garden of Eden. Women in Judaism 1,2 Biblical women that come in pairs: From tragedy to art and film: Frauen und Kinder nicht gerechnet. One man among a thousand, but not a woman among them all: La biblica e la mitica "Madre dei Viventi".

The four wives of Jacob: A bosadi womanhood reading of Genesis She said to him, he said to her: The duality in God and man: Toxic religion and the daughters of Job. Frauen im Zentrum der Geschichte Israels. Wisdom literature among the witchmongers. False weights in the scales of biblical justice? Different views of women from patriarchal hierarchy to religious equality in the Book of Deuteronomy.

The significance of "asher" in Qoh 7, Tra eros e sophia: They might be giants: Wives and daughters, bond and free: When is a widow not a widow? Guardianship provides an answer. The doom of Paradise: The cases of Bathsheba, Jezebel and Athaliah. The Northern Israelite queen mother in the Judaean court: Gott rechtfertigt sich selbst. Historical, hermeneutical, and methodological foundations. Le roi, la femme et la sagesse: The cannibal women and their judgment before the helpless king 2 Kings 6: The Book of Ruth and the possibility of a feminist canonical hermeneutic.

Images of women in the Old Testament. The Hebrew God and his female complements. Woman wisdom and the strange woman: Le donne nei libri sapienziali. On reading Genesis Women in Judaism 1,1 Gott als Mutter in Jes 1,2. Childlessness and prayer in the Bible. Writing the "wrongness" of women: What did Laban demand of Jacob? A new reading of Genesis What will ye see in the Shulammite?

Women, power and panopticism in the Song of Songs. Woman as divine agent in Ecclesiastes. A wealth of women: Die Frau des Bruders: Gedanken zu einem literarischen Motiv. Challenged by the text: The equality of humankind from the perspective of the creation stories in Genesis 1: Mothers and sons in ancient Israel. Le donne e i figli di Davide. Hagar, victim or villain?

La ruse biblique et les femmes. Rachel weeping for her children: Texts in dialogue with texts: Sara, Raquel y Miriam: Machen Geburt und Monatsblutung die Frau "unrein"? What a lioness was your mother: Donne bibliche e "mondo alla rovescia" nei "Carmina Burana" 6 e Goddess, gods, men and women in Ezekiel 8. Bathsheba plotted, shot, and painted. The strange woman in Septuagint Proverbs.

What happens to Ms Babylon in Isaiah 47, why, and who says so? Bathsheba goes bathing in Hollywood: The wife of noble character in Proverbs Der Fluch der Mutter: Kooij, Arie van der. On male and female views in Judges 4 and 5. Feminine access to Jewish sacred space: Eve in the semiotic garden. Im Vorzimmer der Unterwelt: The attitude to women in the Prologue of Targum Job.

Gendering the discourse of display in the Hebrew Bible. Frauenfeindschaft im Alten Testament? Reflections on violence and pornography: The widow of Zarephath and the great woman of Shunem: The power struggle between man and woman Gen 3,16b.

Levitical thought and the female reproductive cycle: Deborah and Yael in Judges 4. The ethics of biblical violence against women. The rhetoric of biblical authority: John Knox and the question of women. The city as woman: Racism and ethnocentrism in feminist biblical interpretation. Is there a word for the royal harem in the Bible? Unity of the Bible, unity of the Church: Die Stellung der Frau: Rizzante Gallazzi, Ana Maria.

Vernimm, Gott, mein Gebet: Psalm 55 und Gewalt gegen Frauen. The Queen of Sheba: Die Frau im Alten Testament. Von "Huren und Heiligen": Jerusalem als Ehebrecherin in Ezechiel Rizpa und das Ritual von Gibeon. Woman wisdom in the Book of Proverbs. Die Samaritanerin am Brunnen Joh 4. Feminist reading of the Hebrew Bible: Male and female slaves in the Sabbath Year laws of Exodus Gott und die Rolle der Frau in der Bibel.

Feminism and scriptural interpretation: Structure, contradiction, and "resolution" in mythology: The Vulgate Genesis and St. Esther, Judith, and Ruth: Status and role of female heroines in the biblical narrative. The wise women of 2 Samuel: La donna nella Bibbia: A meditation in mourning: Die Typologie der Frau in der Prophetenliteratur Israels.

Ten feminine archetypes in the Jewish Bible. Die Stellung von Mann und Frau in der Tora. The virginity of the "almah" in Isaiah 7, Sytuacja zawodowa kobiet w dawnym Izraelu.

The literary influence of "the binding of Isaac" Genesis 22 on "the outrage at Gibeah" Judges The barren woman of Psalms ,9 and the housewife: The roots of restriction: Le statut de la femme dans la Bible.

The Jewish Woman The childless wife in Assyria and the stories of Genesis. The rape of Tamar. Das Bild der Witwe: Role of women in the Old Testament.

Coats, George Wesley, Jr.. Numbers 5 and the "waters of judgement". Puntualizaciones sobre Gn 2: La mujer en la Biblia: La mujer en la Biblia. Jewish women in Eastern Europe. Critical studies of women in Jewish life: Recent literature on Jewish women. Is woman just a mutilated male? Adam and Eve in the theology of Thomas Aquinas.

Jews and Moors at the crossroads: Jewish women in the Jesus movement. A Christian means to a "conversa" end. Sara als Bild der Tugend: Jewish aspects of the "Protoevangelium of James". From the birth of Jesus to the resurrection: Martin Luthers Sicht einer beispielhaften Frau. Between Qumran and Corinth: Mothers, sisters, and elders: Biblische Theologie und Gewalt gegen Frauen: Gender, Judaism, and literature: Frauen im Umfeld Jesu.

The "bride" in John 3. The pro creative parables of labour and childbirth Jn 3. Das Wort ohne Vokale: Leviticus 12, Mary and wax: Ist Antijudaismus noch ein Thema im christlichen Feminismus?. Equal worth and gracious submission: The virile bride of Bernard of Clairvaux. Jesus, divorce, and sexuality: Christlicher Antijudaismus aus feministischer Perspektive.

On the trail of a good story: The doorway into freedom: Jesus and the adulteress. Der Brief an die Gemeinden in Galatien: Der Brief an die Gemeinde in Rom: A woman reads the Gospel of Luke: Gentiles and the Davidic tradition in Matthew. Woman as reflected in the biblical commentaries of Cipriano de la Huerga.

Aus deutscher und feministischer Perspektive: Feministische Analysen und Alternativen. In the dangerous currents of old prejudices: Ancient Jewish "responsa" in the gospels? Second Temple Judaism, Jesus, and women: Origine e portata della seduzione di Eva nel Corpus Paulinum 2Cor 11,3: When did the women visit the tomb?

Sources for some temporal clauses in the Synoptic Gospels. Ruth according to Ephrem the Syrian. Wife and sister through the ages: Appropriation, reciprocity, and issues of power [Jewish and Christian feminist theology]. The liberation of illegitimacy: Medieval interpretation of Gen. Menstruants and the sacred in Judaism and Christianity.

Rachele e il pianto della madre nella tradizione cristiana antica. La donna nella chiesa: Early Christian women and their cultural context: Medieval models of purity and sanctity: Ashkenazic women in the synagogue. The rites of water for the Jewish women of Algeria: The return to the sacred: Community, fertility, and sexuality: Mikveh for women on erev Yom Kippur.

The Hollekreisch in Alsace. Women, ritual, and secrecy: Marriage and varying customs. Husbands, wives, and childbirth rituals. Customs of pregnancy and childbirth among Sephardic and Oriental Jews. Women and livelihoods in 1st century Palestine: American Jewish Communism and garment unionism in the s. Jewish women as providers in the generations following the expulsion from Spain. Gender, difference, and everyday life: Business women in the mishnaic and talmudic period.

Women in Judaism 2,2 The relationship between gender and performance issues of concern to directors: The economic productivity of medieval Jewish widows. World Congress of Jewish Studies 11,B, vol. Spatial differences in the labour force participation of married women: Women, work and the law. A Jewish business woman of the 11th century. Pua Rakowska i jej walka o prawa kobiet: Nationalism, gender and religious education: Schooling for change in the religious world: Jewish women as learning different.

Joining the faculty club: Jewish women academics in the United States. Examining the role of gender studies in the teaching of talmudic literature. The call to serve: Learned Jewish women in antiquity. Bessie Gotsfeld, founder of Mizrachi Women of America. Rediscovering schools for Jewish girls in tsarist Russia. Educating Muslim girls in Mandatory Jerusalem. Jewish women reflect on adult study. Jewish women and adult Jewish education: Di Segni, David Gianfranco. Religion, study, and contemporary politics.

Assimilation ist keine Einbahnstrasse: Cohen Ioannides, Mara W.. System medytacyjny dla dziewczat w Rydze, przed Holokaustem. Pioneers of modern Jewish and religious education for girls: Patterns of education and entry into first union among American Jewish women. Women and the dialectic of spirituality in Hasidism. Mores and chores as determinants of the status of Jewish women in Libya. Integrating Jewish and feminist educational goals.

Gender, identity, and community: Jewish university women in Germany and Austria. Sobre algumas feministas e seu destino no Egito medieval. The experience of religious fortification: Can teachers advance gender equality in society? The quest for the historical Beruriah, Rachel, and Imma Shalom. Prayer and education in the life of Jewish women.

Bildung und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung: Jewish education for women: Education for Jewish girls in the East: Der Exodus von Wissenschaftlerinnen: Beyond Heder, Haskalah, and honeybees: Some parallels in the education of medieval Jewish and Christian women. Women and the study of Talmud. Educating for "proper" Jewish womanhood: Social History of Medicine 24,2 — Educating the "new" Jewish woman: From bourgeois Germany to Palestine: The First World War: Frauenideale und Frauenstatus in der "neuen Gesellschaft" des vorstaatlichen Israel.

Zionist women of the s: Women, womanhood, and ethnicity in Zionist Eretz Israel. Looking forward and backward: Loyalty, belonging, and their discontents: Material remains and social relations: Women as victims of war: Hannah Meisel and the founding of the agricultural schools for young women.

Cesarean section in the days of the Mishnah and the Talmud. No home at home: Daughters of the nation: The mercies of the court: The double or multiple image of the new Hebrew women. On rhetoric and commitment: Why are these women here? Clorinda Minor, from pilgrim to pioneer.

The vision becomes reality: Traditional flexibility and modern strictness: The attraction of aristocratic women to Pharisaism during the Second Temple period. The struggle for equal rights for women in the early Jewish defense underground: The role of women in linguistic and narrative change: Literature by women of the first aliyah: Human being or housewife: Yemenite Jewish women between tradition and change.

On the way to equality? From revolution to motherhood: The fringes of the margin: In search of a new female identity: Women in the defense forces. Spanish ladies from the Cairo Geniza. Israeli feminism new and old. The plough woman who cried into the pots: Seeking the local, engaging the global: Coping with the legacy of death: Unruly daughters to mother nation: Trudna historia kobiet z Rosentrasse: Russian immigrant woman in Israeli film. What is your story? Jewish mothers on film.

Molly Goldberg as Jewish mother. Echo and voice in "Meetings with Anna". Female images in a state of war: Blowing up the Jewish mother: The construction of heroines in Holocaust films: Images of women in Holocaust films. The others in Israeli cinema of the s and s: Holocaust survivors, women, and Arabs. Our mothers and our sisters and our cousins and our aunts: The way she really is: My son the doctor. Von Frauenfiguren zu Frauenfilmen im israelischen Kino. The woman as Other in Israeli cinema.

Amos Oz and Izhak ben Ner: Leah behind the veil: One clove away from a pomander ball: Del Negro, Giovanna P.. The bad girls of Jewish comedy: From the nightclub to the living room: Glikl bas Leib and the other woman. The making of a Jewish folk hero: The Worlds of S.

The multiple faces of Eve: Love and death in a contemporary "dybbuk" story: The synagogue as a stage for magic. The meal of the spirits, the three Parcae and Lilith: La Jewish mama et la nourriture: From Sophie Tucker to Barbra Streisand: Jewish women entertainers as reformers.

Sex and women in biblical narrative humor. Reading androcentrism against the grain: The JAP joke controversy: An explanation of Jewish jokes about Jewish women. Who are the wives? Who are the husbands? A study of marriage roles in Jewish classical folklore. Fields of Offerings A mother in Israel: Tentative thoughts that distinguish between the timely and the timeless.

Women as halakhic professionals: Hormonal intervention for religious concerns: On women joining in a "zimmun". Meorot 9 26 pp. Is kinyan purchase of woman in the marriage document only a metaphor?

Lectio difficilior 2 22 pp. Laws pertaining to women and sexuality in the early stratum of the "Damascus Document". Jewish women in the responsa of Rabbi Joseph Colon. Spirituality, textual study and gender at Nishmat: Women in Judaism 7,1 22 pp.

Eve, "Paradise Lost", and female interpretation. Les femmes dans la Bible. The mercies of the court: Modelos de mujer en la historia Deuteronomista: To shame or not to shame: Women and communication in the ancient Near East. In conversation with Joshua A.


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